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terriblelie's Journal

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1 April
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Im a little weirdo that can never explain her emotions without emoticons.. :D
3 doors down, 311, ambience, american history x, angelina jolie, beaches, beetle adventure racing, being a dork, being bitten, being me, being psycho, being silly, being strange, bi-sexuality, blood, blue hair, blues clues, bondage, boys, brad pitt, breakbeat, bright colors, bruise on my eyebrow, bubbles, bugging people, cartoons, cat in the hat, cds that dont skip, chatting, chemical brothers, chrono trigger, coloring, concerts, contacts, cooking, crazy town, dancing, deftones, depeche mode, drum and bass, ed norton, ex-rate, fast cars, fatboy slim, fight club, final fantasy, fuzzy stuff, girls, glitter, glowsticks, goddesses, gone in 60 seconds, gran turismo, green, green day, guages, handcuffs, html, hugs, incubus, industrial music, inspected by 3, jungle, keoki, kisses, kittens, kittie, laughing, leather, leopard print, linkin park, live, love, lsd, lulu, m2, magenta, making people happy, metal, moby, monty python, movies, mp3s, music, nanci, nicolas cage, nine inch nails, nintendo, not sleeping, painting, palm trees, piercings, pink, pink hair, playstation, poking people, prodigy, psychos, punk rock, rainbows, raves, red hair, rock, rose mcgowan, run lola run, s&m, scarification, scaring people, sex, sex pistols, skateboarders, skatebording, skinny puppy, slc punk, sleeping, smiling, smurfs, snowballs, stabbing westward, stars, staying up all night, stickdeath.com, stone temple pilots, strangeland, sunsets, taking pictures, talking, tattoos, teasing, techno, the clash, the cure, tool, trance, trip hop, twist, typing, typing too much, vampires, vinyl, wade, warm weather, wicca, wrinting

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